’Round Town

Jolly and Laura

Wed, 08/15/2018 - 8:30am

Sometimes when you step into somebody's home there is an instant feeling of calm.

It was easy for me to sit down and relax with Jolly and Laura. In many ways I felt like I was visiting family. Odd, I guess. But, it was as if I had known these two folks all my life and I was just popping in to say hi. In truth, I had never been inside their house. I think it was the salt and pepper shakers that did it. And, maybe the fact the Jolly offered me a “Moxie” even before I sat down.

We had a great visit.

Laura and I go way back to early morning YMCA exercise class. There was a wonderful gang who jumbled up the start of a day listening to Rupe Neily (MAINCO Realty then) suggest that we all expend great amounts of energy while I was trying to wake up! In addition to Laura, who ran circles around us all, there was Dottie Frysinger, Lew Pike, and a bunch more. Sometimes the “Y” director at the time, Jack Rego, would join in and then lead a road run out through the community afterwards. I didn't do that. Creighton and Leon, the “Y's guys,” never joined in but often shared comments. They usually started work at about 5:30 a.m. and did a great job of keeping things in good order. Alice Vannah was always a happy greeter too, well in touch with activities of the day.

I asked Jolly how he came to be called “Jolly.” I think he said that his grandmother started calling him that and it stuck. It’s a very good name for him I think. John is nice too but not as good. “Jolly” fits nicely with stories he mentioned about going to hunting camp up above Bingham with John Tourtillotte and Elbridge Giles' father, whose first name I don't recall. He really looked forward to that time — they were good friends.

Laura doesn't run as much as she used to and Jolly is a bit slower after hip replacement surgery, but I know there is still a “Moxie” in the refrigerator for the next time I visit.