Harbor evening

Tue, 05/18/2021 - 8:45am

This time of year daylight creeps into places around the region which stay shadowed for a large part of the year, especially in the evening. Parts of the Harbor become visible, so to speak, as we head toward our longer days.

On my way back home from the Hannaford the other evening I noticed a lighting situation that I particularly like. The sun was sliding through slits in a dark, almost storm-like sky. Sarah Sherman McGrail used to call this a “Bob Mitchell sky.” Sarah worked with us at Main Street Photo in Damariscotta back in the 90s. She got to see plenty of my photos and noticed a particular liking taken to dark backdrop sky illuminated by sun from another direction. I'm not sure why this set up appeals to me so much, but it is an interesting combination.

As I made my way around the East side of the Harbor I could see my sunlit dark sky combination beginning to develop. What the heck. Dinner could wait. It was my night to cook. And, as the check out lady on the “fewer than 14 items” register noted, “Your night to cook I see,” as I loaded my frozen pizza, anchovies, artichokes, and black olives  on to the belt. “Yup,” I said. “Looks gourmet, but it ain't.” Even from behind the mask, the veteran check out folks have come to recognize my discriminating tastes. It’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it, 375 degrees for 18 minutes (for softer crust) and a small side salad. A spectacular homemade dinner, or supper, as the case may be.

Anyway, I knew the pizza wouldn't thaw right off, so I continued my journey.

From years of living here I have finally begun to make mental notes of interesting spots at different times of day and year. This particular scene deserved Brown's Wharf and I arrived just in time to give Michelle Brown a hard time attempting to give her father's rendition of a good Maine voice. Ken was perfection! He and I would get to laughing so hard – that man could tell a story and create such a vibrant image of great native friends.

I miss him.

I digress. On to the front of the house where the Harbor scene was unfolding. A couple lobster boats in a quiet preseason moment. But there was something else going on here.

I'm not sure it will show up in the paper, but there was a beautiful glow on the fresh new green trees and buildings over yonder. It’s that time of year when these unique combinations are revealed.

I was glad to have been sidetracked. The pizza was flawless. Cooked to perfection with only a touch of smoky burnt cheese fragrance.