From the editor

Graduation observations

Wed, 06/15/2022 - 8:45am

Boothbay Region High School Principal Tricia Campbell said it … and said it well … when she praised senior class advisor Allan Crocker during the graduation ceremony, and mentioned that the staff calls him “Mr. Graduation.” The school’s graduation ceremonies and events are some of the most plentiful around and Crocker has his mind wrapped around them all. This year, he and his wife, Barbara, even led the parade of parents into the gym for the Grand March – their daughter, Jaelyn, was one of the 38 graduates. He and others put the graduates through several marching practices, among his many other duties. Then there is the handling of graduation speeches, Class Day schedule, Awards Night, and much more. Thank you, Allan, for all of your hard work in pulling off this year’s – and past years’ – graduation events at BRHS.

From the first-ever Alumni-Masonic cookout to the post-graduation car parade, members of the Class of 2022 are to be praised for representing themselves, the school, the community and families well during one of the busiest weeks of their young lives. Every event seemed to go off without any major glitches.

The graduation ceremony was memorable as well. The brief, moving speeches by administrators and class members were entertaining and informative. I especially enjoyed valedictorian Emerson “Emme” Harris’ song at the end of her Farewell speech. And, it had to touch many hearts when Gavin Carlson put his hand on Crocker’s shoulder while he waited to hear his name called to receive his diploma. And the Seahawk Symphony and Chorus did a fine job as well. Our friends at Boothbay Region TV covered the events well as cameras seemed to be everywhere.

In closing, I think the outside graduation ceremony is a keeper – depending on the weather – but let’s keep the Grand March going, literally, and keep it being performed inside the gym.

Way to go, Class of 2022!