Dolphins compete in Waterville

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 12:30pm

Thirty Boothbay Region YMCA Dolphins swim team members competed at the Alfond Youth and Community Center pool in Waterville on Saturday, Nov. 16 against the Mid-Maine Dolphins of Waterville.

Mid-Maine, competing with many more team members than Boothbay, won both the boys and girls meets. However, several Boothbay team members did well in the season-opening meet. Seventeen swimmers improved on their previous best times in some of the events they competed in.

Below is a listing of the team members, followed by the places they finished in their individual events:

6-year-olds: Austin Chryplewicz (4,5)

7-year-olds: Jacqueline Branch (9,4,8), Benjamin Hodgdon (4,2), Kayla Watts (4,2,5)

8-year-olds: Ford Harris (1,1), Byran Hills (2,3)

9-year-olds: Demetrius Hilgendorf (2,3,3), Arabella Hodgdon (2,5), Alexander Hughes (2,2), Miles Murray (3,3,1), Eve Pangburn (7,3), Morganne Phelps (2,1,3), Philippa Schoenthal (2,1), Allison Smart (3,3), Elijah Smith (3,4), Moriah Smith (6), Zuriel Smith (4,7)

10-year-olds: Beatrix Recoing-Tallen (1,1)

11-year-olds: Abby Amaral (2,2), Tatum French (5,2), Ayesha Giberson (7,6,5), Ella Watts (2,2)

12-year-olds: Hannah Hills (1,1), Keegan Murray (1,3,2), YuJi Smith (1,3,3)

13-year-olds: Suzannah Edwards (3,2,3)

14-year-olds: Madison Phelps (2,1,3)

16-year-olds: Ella Beauregard (4,2,1), Maren Whitney (1,2,2)

17-year-olds: Graham Harris (1,1,2)