DEYC holds day-tripper July 27

Tue, 08/06/2019 - 1:00pm

Down East Yacht Club Day-Tripper Saturdays were the brain-child of long time member and mariner, Pete Yesmentes. A few years ago he organized these excursions to increase the number of occasions to share time on the water. These day-trippers offer cruising opportunities for members who are not able to join the Summer Cruise. Just days following the DEYC 2019 Summer Cruise, a few DEYC boats rendezvoused at Fisherman’s Passage between Fisherman’s Island and Ram Island in Boothbay Harbor.

The first boat to arrive was DORIS, Ted & Betty Repa’s new boat; a 22’ Easton hailing from West Boothbay Harbor. Calvin and Ginger Carr and Bill and Jan Hamlin completed the party. They were able to find an empty mooring available for the taking which became the anchor of the raft. Soon to follow was MOOR MULARKY out of Little Christmas Cove in Southport with Captain Dana and Jane Mulholland and crew, P/C Susan and Brent Pope aboard. Brent manned the lines for a secure raft. John and Sharon Ryan aboard their 18’ Pointer lobster boat hailing from Isle of Springs Road were next to join the festivities. P/C Captain Win Russell and daughter, Heidi, aboard his 19’ Mako from East Boothbay soon completed the raft.

The busy traffic through the passage made for entertaining boat and people watching. All members gathered in the two central boats to enjoy light conversation, tall tales and witticisms. Shared goodies and mid-day liquid refreshments preceded individually prepared lunch. About two hours later, all boats decided to cast-off to meet other responsibilities and parts unknown.

As the raft was readying to break-up, John and Cindy Smith arrived from Cozy Harbor in Southport aboard their 25’ PARKER. They were just in time to say “hello” and “good-bye”. We were sorry that they missed the enjoyment of the group as they always add to the fun. The usual glorious Maine weather enhanced another special time among friends.

The crew aboard MOOR MULARKY completed their day with an excursion around Ram Island and cruise through Linekin Bay.

The next Day-Tripper event is Aug. 31 in Hodgdon Cove off Townsend Gut in Boothbay Harbor. Look for bright skies, calm winds and DEYC burgees.