Decision on spring season rests with MPA

Sun, 03/29/2020 - 8:00am

    As our schools begin their third week of shutdowns, thoughts are turning to spring sports and what the season could look like.

    So far, schools are slated to reopen April 27. Boothbay Region High School Athletic Director Allan Crocker said March 27, “I’m very hopeful that we’ll have a spring sports season of some kind. I imagine it will look very different than the season we planned on having in terms of the length of the preseason and the number of contests played.”

    Athletes are doing their best to keep fit; coaches are not allowed to have contact with their players at this point, said Crocker. “Since the MPA (Maine Principals’ Association) postponed the season, the hands-off rules apply as well. So any contact with the players, or any expectation that they are doing team-related activities, would be considered a violation.”

    BRHS teacher and boys tennis coach Mark Gorey has some of the tennis players in class. “So my communication with them is primarily through a distance-learning academic lens right now,” Gorey said. He said he has not devised any workouts for his players.

    For Rowan Kristan, the team’s only senior, the possibility of a cancelled season is disappointing. “I was excited to play with the team again and welcome new players to the team. I’ve always learned a lot about skill and strategy from Coach Gorey and if the season doesn’t happen I’ll miss out on a great learning experience.” But, Kristan added, if the season is cancelled, he will have a positive outlook that we’re doing “what makes the most sense in the long run.”

    Crocker said the decision on the season’s fate lies with the MPA. “If the season gets delayed beyond April 27, I find it very unlikely that the spring season will happen but will rely on the MPA to make that decision and offer guidance. The players and coaches will be very disappointed if they cannot participate this year.”

    In a March 27 letter, the MPA told its members: “We are currently working with each individual sport committee and their respective coaches association to develop a list of recommended drills and workouts that coaches may share with their athletes.” As to when a decision will be made about the season, the MPA said it will closely monitor the situation. “Should we be able to have a spring season, even it is a shortened season, we will work with our MPA Sports Medicine Committee to establish guidelines for the preseason.”