Celebrate year 90 with Pemaquid Group of Artists

Tue, 05/29/2018 - 8:15am

The Pemaquid Group of Artists opens its 90th season on Sunday, June 3, with a gala public reception from 5-6:30 p.m. in the Pemaquid Art Gallery located at Lighthouse Park. Refreshments, conversation with the artists and exciting new works of art will be featured, as will a 90th anniversary birthday cake. The park is renowned for its panoramic views of sea, shore, and sky and the historic Pemaquid Lighthouse, which graces the Maine quarter. 

The history of the Pemaquid Group of Artists began in 1928, when local and summer resident artists of New Harbor sponsored their first summer exhibition.  Prior to the move to the current gallery in 1960, the Pemaquid Group of Artists exhibited in a variety of locations in the New Harbor area. The current gallery was designed by the artist group and financed and built jointly by the Town of Bristol and the Pemaquid Group of Artists
The Pemaquid Group of Artists is a nonprofit organization consisting of artist members juried into the group. The 30 artists exhibiting their artwork in 2018 are all from Lincoln County. This season the artists are pleased to welcome two new member artists.  Sarah Fisher and Kathleen Horst have been juried into membership. Jane Bowman will be exhibiting her work as the 2018 Guest Artists. Come and meet these new artist members and guests, as well as the returning 27 member artists. 
Each year the gallery provides financial aid to one or more community art programs, as well as a Museum Pass for the Portland Museum of Art, available to anyone at Skidompha Library.  Artist-donated paintings and gallery patrons all help to make these gifts possible.
The 2018 exhibiting artists who are returning include:  Barbara Applegate, Debra Arter, Bruce Babb, Julie Babb, Stephen Busch, Midge Coleman, Trudi Curtis, William Curtis, Dianne Dolan, Peggy Farrell, Bill Hallett, Claire Hancock, Kay Hannah, Hannah Ineson, Will Kefauver, Jan Kilburn, Barbara Klein, Patti Leavitt, Sally Loughridge, Marlene Loznicka, Nancy MacKinnon, Judy Nixon, Paul Sherman, Cindy Sherman, Liliana Thelander, Ernest Thompson, Jr., Bob Vaughan, Steve Viega and Bev Walker.
The Pemaquid Group of Artists invites you to visit the gallery often.  Ongoing sales permit the gallery to display new works continually.  The gallery is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Columbus Day.  For more information, please call the gallery at 207-677-2752 or visit www.pemaquidartgallery.com.