They came back: a mini series

Caitlin Shepherd returned to teach at BRHS

Posted:  Friday, April 20, 2018 - 7:30am

The conventional thinking is, upon graduation from high school Maine’s best and brightest leave the state only to return on holidays and for two weeks in the summer. Not so for Caitlin Shepherd of Southport.

The daughter of teachers Rob and Karen Cronk, who came to Maine from Massachusetts, Shepherd attended Southport Central School.

She matriculated to Boothbay Region High School where she played field hockey, joined the track team and was active in drama. She took advantage of BRHS’s option for travel abroad and visited Greece, Italy, Spain and Uganda.

"I still love to travel," said Shepherd.

Upon graduation in 2006, she enrolled in Salem State University fully expecting to be a drama major. After her first year, she called home to announce she had switched her major to English and teaching, much to her parents’ delight. 

"When I went away to college I knew I would come back," she said.

When she was still in college, she met Adam Shepherd who was working as a programmer at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. They married in 2010.

Upon graduation, Shepherd took a teaching job at Sandwich High School, first as a substitute and then as a special education and English teacher. All the while, she knew she wanted to return to Maine. 

“(Adam) knew I wanted to get back. We had a three-year plan. It turned into a six-year plan," she said.

When an educational technician job opened up at BRHS, “I jumped on that,” she said.

Shepherd is delighted to be back in her hometown teaching in the BRHS resource room.  "Anyone can come into the resource room for help,” she said.

She has rekindled her interest in drama having made the sets for the high school production of “Cinderella.” She is also back on the track as the assistant coach to the girls’ track team coaching her former specialty, the jumps and the hurdles. Recently, her team asked if she would demonstrate her form in the hurdles.

“I told them that I was too busy to risk getting injured,” she said.

She has rejoined the Southport Fire Department where she had been a junior member before she left for college. She is currently taking courses for advanced certification. “I wanted to take that further,” she said.

She also sings in the Southport Methodist Church choir.

As for her husband, Adam, he is still following his work which includes trips around the world. “He wanted me to join him in Ireland. I couldn't take the time,” she said.

The couple is pouring the foundation for their own house in Southport.

“I will always be in education,” she said. “I love working with kids.” 


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