BRHS Class Day 2021 filled with facts, memories and predictions

Thu, 06/10/2021 - 10:45am

    The Boothbay Region High School Class of 2021’s Class Day included a senior survey showing graduates preferred Coke over Pepsi, a lesson on how the same shared school event can result in both a positive and negative perspective and a futuristic trip to Mars.

    Class president Ben Pearce led the procession of 52 seniors into Porter Memorial Gymnasium June 9 for a light-hearted recap of the 13 years the class shared in Boothbay Harbor. Seniors Kylie Brown and Marissa Peters revealed the results of a Facebook Messenger class poll. Besides Coke beating Pepsi, other class preferences included Ray Bans, Disney over Nickelodeon, Dunton’s Doghouse, Nike and Dunkin’ ice coffee. Mr. Powell polled as the favorite teacher. Fifteen graduating seniors participated in the poll. 

    Pearce and class vice president Mason Erhard presented a futuristic version of the 20-year class reunion set for 2041. As the class prophecy, they predicted the 10th and 15th reunions would be held by Zoom due to continuing coronavirus outbreaks. But in 2041, the duo would insist on an in-person reunion and set out on a road trip to personally invite all 52 graduates. The journey began in Pearce’s future home of Connecticut and continued to New York City, Portland, Wiscasset, Northern Maine, Canada, Europe and Mars before winding up in Boothbay Harbor. 

    Glory Blethen and Emma Brewer recapped the class’ time in Boothbay Harbor schools. Its educational journey began as elementary school students lining up on Boothbay Common waiting to board the bus with the “big kids,” and ended with them becoming graduates in June 2021. 

    Isabel Harkins and Nathan Chatterton were the class optimist and pessimist. Harkins welcomed the audience to class day,  and Chatterton countered “Nobody wants to be here, yet, expected society thinks mildly cringe speeches are acceptable fun.”