Boothbay primary voting results

Wed, 06/13/2018 - 1:15pm

Boothbay Town Clerk Lynn Maloney reported the following voting results from Tuesday’s primary.

People’s Veto on ranked-choice voting: Yes 412 No 332. A total of 750 ballots cast

Republican ballot: 329 ballots cast. Democratic ballot: 337 ballots cast

Republican governor: Shawn Moody 170, Mary Mayhew 65, Garrett Mason 59, Kenneth Fredette 19

Democratic governor: Janet Mills 120, Adam Cote 108, Elizabeth Sweet 48, Mark Eves 43, Mark Dion 10, Diane Russell 3, Donna Dion 1

Republican U.S. Senator: Eric Brakey 200, Max Linn 62

Democratic U.S. Senator: Zak Ringelstein 225

Republican U.S. Representative: Mark Holbrook 265

Democratic U.S. Representative: Chellie Pingree 319

Republican State Senator (District 13): Dana Dow 295

Democratic State Senator (District 13): Laura Forman 283

Republican State Representative (District 89): Stephanie Hawke 314

Democratic State Representative (District 89): Holly Stover 309

Republican Register of Probate: Catherine Moore 271

No Democratic Register of Probate candidate

Republican County Treasurer: Richard Newell Jr. 267

No Democratic County Treasurer candidate

Republican Register of Deeds: Rebecca Wotton 276

No Democratic Register of Deeds candidate

Democratic Sheriff: Todd Brackett 300

No Republican Sheriff candidate

Republican District Attorney (District 6): Jonathan Liberman 271

Democratic District Attorney (District 6): Natasha Irving 282