Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club Junior Sailing and Tennis Program

Tue, 08/20/2019 - 2:15pm

It is hard to believe, we are in our final week of Junior Program summer sailing and tennis in 2019. But sailing is far from over, we will quickly change gears and start high school sailing on Sep. 3 (tentatively). During the high school season, the Boothbay Region Sailing Cub will welcome sailors from Lincoln Academy, Boothbay Region High School and across the Boothbay region for some excellent fall sailing.

Our morning sailors are finishing the season strong and continued to improve, focusing on gybing and sailing upwind. These new skills were put to the test on Thursday for our second Adventure Day of the season, when most of the morning joined our fleet of 420s, Techs and J-22s with many of our sailors as well as CCIA for a sail to Barett's Park for a barbecue, swimming and Frisbee. While very light winds forced a tow there, the breeze filled late and we were able to sail back home. Friday morning saw very light wind, but Payton, Tess and Claudia devised a great relay race that featured knot typing, boat rigging, sculling, swimming and sprit pole paddling. By the time they were done the wind has filled and the class finished out the week with a sail out to Tumbler Island and back.

Our afternoon group focused on racing tactics early in the week with drills that emphasized the importance of picking a side of the course. Tuesday’s nearly windless afternoon saw our own relay race. The most popular event was “rail riders,” where the kids test there teamwork, balance and awareness as they try to get the boat as close to a capsize as possible without the mast hitting the water. Toby and Arden took this event, holding their mast tip a mere three feet above the water before bringing it back upright. In addition to being fun, drills and games like this builds confidence and awareness in both racers and non-racers. On Friday, all of these skills and more were put to the test in a few club races, with some of the kids getting a chance to sail a Flying Dutchman for an exciting change of pace. Popular vote won out and we went swimming in the pond to finish out the day. When polled, it was hard to determine if adventure day or the relay was enjoyed more. They were both hits with the kids. 

Friday, we hosted a group of 13 scamper campers along side our mini mariners. With the help of Deanna Clarkson, and the use of BHOD 20, Bittersweet, we had a great sail out towards Squirrel and home with the kids enjoying the breeze after last week’s near drifter. 

We had a lot of fun on the tennis courts this past week! We embraced a full house with 20 kids in the morning clinic, followed by 20 kids combined in the afternoon clinics. On Wednesday, we played CCIA in our final interclub match. The matches were very close again. Players ages 9-17 competed throughout the three hour time frame.  It was great to see the players put all their skill and strategies together for the final match of the season. We ended the match with pizza for all.

On Wednesday we evening, we hosted our annual awards banquet. Many friends (old and young) came together to celebrate the season, recognize excellence and growth, and have a good time. We’re so proud of all our sailors and tennis players; we’re already looking forward to next season.