Boothbay Harbor Rotary’s ‘Circling the Wagons’ party a success

Mon, 07/06/2020 - 11:00am

    Over 30 cars and their riders circled the lawn at the Boothbay Railway Village last Thursday for the official “Change-Over” party. It sure was great to see everyone and socialize while maintaining our social distances. The evening started with bright sun and a nice cooling breeze as members brought out their tailgating gear.

    After a short welcome by your incoming president, there was a half hour break for socializing and reconnecting. Incoming president Irene Fowle started the program by thanking Rick Elder for his leadership and mentorship during this most extraordinary year. Along with the customary wall plaque, Rick was also presented with a Rotary Foundation Face Mask. Hopefully he will be the last president needing one. Rick then thanked the club members for their support and flexibility during this past year. He gave the “Rotarian of the Year” award to Vic Taylor for his work with the Visioning Committee, role as webmaster, and the many other ways he keeps the club moving towards our goals. Rick then awarded Linda Clapp the “President Award” for her leadership of the membership committee, Silent Auction, and her dedication to club member engagement. Linda introduced all the new members. They have quickly become engaged and active in the club. Our newest member, Ken F. Fitch, had only met us virtually. I wonder if he recognized us without a frame around our faces?!

    Then, the highlight of the evening --- the Rotations with their lively and humorous recap of president Rick's year. Then time for a bit more socializing as the skies turned black and the sound of thunder was becoming louder. Remember those sunny skies. The weather sure changed quickly providing a dramatic ending to a fun night.

    Many thanks to the staff at the Boothbay Railway Village. So very generous of them to offer their great lawn for our gathering. They just couldn't have been more helpful. Thanks also to Jonne Trees from Channel 7, who took wonderful pictures of the event with his drone.

    The Rotary Foundation slogan this year is “Rotary Opens Opportunities.” I want to thank you for opening the opportunities of Rotary to me. You are an amazing and diverse group of people. I am proud to be your president this year. We have challenging times ahead of us, but hang in there with me. Together we can meet these challenges.

    The Rotary Barn sales are now approaching $20,000. Hooray. A big thank you to Auction co-chairs Laurie and Debbie. We love buyers and donors but only by appointment with Deb or Irene. Please text us to set up an appointment: Irene: 315-5429, Deb: 380-3550. We would not be selling from the barn without the foresight of the members who identified the need for it, persuaded the club members to support it, built it and now maintain it. Talk about projects, this was a huge one. We thought it would just be for storage. Now during COVID-19 it is allowing us to raise the money to support our projects and commitments. Did you say "People of Action?” That sure defines this club.

    The “Eat Well, Play Well” garden at the Edgecomb Eddy School is growing fast and looking so beautiful. The rains are decreasing the need for watering, bu tthe weeds love the rain, too. If you know the difference between a weed and a vegetable, spend some time in this beautiful garden weeding.