Boothbay Harbor Commodore’s Cup Race day 1 in the outer harbor

Part of the ‘Summer of Sail 2020’
Mon, 06/29/2020 - 10:00am

Saturday was the first of a four-part series of open races for all sailboats to be run in the Outer Harbor as part of the Summer of Sail. These races are open to the public and follow the guidelines of US Sailing racing rules. Sponsored by the Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club, there were three classes of sailboats participating this week. The Boothbay Harbor One Design (BHOD) Class, the Racing Class for J80 and similarly fast boats, and the Cruising Class for boats of all classes with PHRF ratings. Ratings for each type of boat design allow the race committee to add a time handicap for the faster boats, giving everyone a chance to win.

Saturday’s race committee, BHYC Instructor Caleb Gray for the BHYC summer youth sailing program and his brother Bowen, seen here in a club motorboat, start off the first of three races for the BHOD class. Saturday’s results were: 1st place Bittersweet, 2nd place Charisma and Anna Grace tied, 4th place C-Fever, 5th place Swan, and 6th place Osprey.

We know of two boats that scratched at the last minute and a third that was launched in the morning too late to sail. We look forward to the continuation of this series on the next outing, the second Commodore Cup races will be held on July 18

We lost two cruising boats due to scratches, and we hope they make it next time. These two classes ran two races, the first out to Ram island and back, and the second was shortened for falling winds and only went as far as Squirrel Island and back.

Evident by the radio chatter, everyone was happy to be racing, despite the strange circumstances the summer has brought us. We hope this story encourages others to come on out and join us! Please see the links below for the racing calendar and how to register. Early registration is appreciated, so we can have time to coordinate handicaps.

The next event in the “Summer of Sail” is the ‘Round Southport Race, on Sunday, July 12. It includes an annual rivalry with the Southport Yacht Club with the prize of holding a trash can going to the best team. Southport is the current holder of the can. Last year several public boats joined, and we again encourage all who can participate join the fun. The start will be at 11 a.m. on July 12 just outside Tumbler Island. The course is to sail around Southport Island to a finish line in Ebenecook Harbor. As previously mentioned, please register early via the link bellow, as we need to organize a timed start, based on the speed of your boat. We also ask races to download racing instructions.

For further information, sailing instructions and to register, go to the Regatta Management Solutions calendar and select the race date and click info or register, or go to /racing-and-regattas to check the time and to register for these races. All sailboats are welcome.