AARP state scam alerts: Making your home cyber secure

Tue, 12/08/2020 - 8:15am

    With nine in 10 U.S. adults online these days for work, finances, shopping or entertainment, criminals have many opportunities to steal money or sensitive personal information. When you factor in the many devices in our homes linked to the internet — computers, gaming systems, TVs, smartphones — the opportunities grow.

    To keep your home network safe from criminals, follow these three home security rules: 1) Keep the operating systems, web browsers and security software on all of your connected devices updated; 2) If your internet router has the same name and password it came with, change both; 3) And engage your firewall — your operating system or antivirus software should come with a firewall that guards your system from uninvited sources; make sure yours is turned on.

    Be a fraud fighter! If you can spot a scam, you can stop a scam.

    Visit the AARP Fraud Watch Network at or call the AARP Fraud Watch Network Helpline at 1-877-908-3360 to report a scam or get help if you’ve fallen victim.