Coastal Senior College Course on Preventing Dementia and Optimal Brain Health at the Lincoln Home

Fri, 01/10/2020 - 10:00am

Advances in neuroscience have led to the understanding that the brain changes which lead to dementia usually occur 20 years in advance of symptoms and a diagnosis.  An extraordinary amount of research is now focused on what we can do to prevent and even turn around early degrees of Normal Age-Related brain changes or a diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment.  There is very good reason to be optimistic!  

These new advances are the reason that Steve Raymond has created a 16-hour Coastal Senior College course titled “Optimizing Brain Health: Good News from Evidence Based Science.”  Raymond has been a frequent public speaker on this topic for the past year.  The Senior College course brings together the latest knowledge on the role of exercise, nutrition and nutritional supplementation, quality sleep, and cognitive training  with programs such as BrainHQ. The goal of the course is to help people look at their own lifestyles and risk factors, and to use education and peer support to make the lifestyle changes that will lead to healthier aging and optimal brain health.

One major paradigm-altering discovery has been the discovery of Neuroplasticity.  It is now proven that aging adult brains can develop new nerve cells and synaptic connections in response to stimulation received and will respond favorably to the health conditions of the body based on personal life practices.  There are negative influences we can eliminate, and many positive influences towards a healthier brain that we can embrace. 

According to neurologist and research scientist Dale Bredesen, MD, there are 36 variable factors that can contribute to the development  of dementia.  Bredesen is the author of bestseller “The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Dementia.”  Dr. Bredesen offers a new theoretical approach to the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s that has shown initial positive results with more than 100 patients.  His work will be one of many other neuroscientists and clinicians that will be reviewed in the course.  

Steve Raymond began his healthcare career as a 23-year old registered nurse.  He has specialized in senior care for the past 25-years, and says that, “Now as a 66-year old experiencing my own age-related changes, I am determined to aggregate and apply the best available knowledge from researchers in longevity medicine, neuroscience and dementia prevention, older age physical performance and Type 2 diabetes prevention.  My passion and purpose are to spread the good news that we can exert a great deal of influence in our lives to maintain Optimal Cognitive Health, and even reverse some early changes that may have already occurred.”  

Steve is the Admissions Director at the Lincoln Home in Newcastle, a frequent public speaker and aging activist, and the producer and host of the popular LCTV show “Spotlight on Seniors.”  The current course is full.  Raymond will teach the course again this Spring during April and May.  To be added to the notification list, or to request a one-hour presentation for your church or community group, contact Steve by email:, or 563-3350.