Volunteer drivers making a difference in Lincoln County

Posted:  Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 8:45am

Lincoln County FISH (Friends In Service Helping), volunteers offering free rides to Lincoln County residents, has come of age. In August it provided 180 rides and drove a whopping 5,000 miles thanks to the 30 drivers. As more and more people find out about the service, the need for drivers becomes more pressing.

A growing group of Lincoln County residents have come together as LC FISH to provide a free, all-volunteer, transportation service to their fellow Lincoln County citizens, who have no other transportation alternative.

This is truly a milestone as LC FISH strives to serve the transportation needs of its community. Our volunteer drivers are informed of all ride requests to appointments, grocery shopping errand, etc., and merely choose a ride that fits their schedule; which could be as simple as a local appointment, or a ride to the Portland Jetport. Drivers receive no compensation nor accept money for tips, fuel or any remuneration whatsoever. It’s entirely a philanthropic gesture.

If becoming involved as a volunteer driver for LC FISH sounds interesting to you, please consider sending an email to lincolncountyfish@gmail.com or call our phone 350-9808 to inquire and get more information regarding our service and how you can help.