Isle of Springs Column: Final service and final get-together

Posted:  Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 9:00am

Our 2017 summer season ended with much activity. We said good-bye to many old friends at our Sunday evening service with the traditional lusty rendering of the hymn “God Be With You ‘Til We Meet Again” and Scott Hutchinson did a very interesting closing service for us. Scott spoke of the book “1491,” a fascinating history including the role of Squanto of the People of the First Light and his actions to assist the pilgrims in New England. He included a history of how these original peoples subsisted and how their sophisticated culture was nurtured before the coming of the Europeans. It was particularly poignant with one of our seniors present. Edna Stoddard, aged 96, braved the nasty rains to walk to the Casino to be with us for the service and we had a solid representation of young folks as well who rang the bell to summon us to the service.

The day before, we all enjoyed our annual Farmhouse picnic with 99 people in attendance according to Dick and Ellie Morrell, our hosts on a beautiful late summer day. Nearly all cottages were represented and we all enjoyed the feast as usual. Several guests were also with us for the festivities, including Keri Mattaliano, daughter of Cindy Parsons, from Somerville, Massachusetts with a number of friends from that area. These included Sam Haymann, Kat Foley, Graham St. John, Elaine Cheung and Sarah Towsley. Guests of Pat and John Ridlon were Matthew Randazzo and Brielle Antonelli from the New York/New Jersey area. Brielle has been a friend of the family for 20 years and enjoyed a return visit this year.

Brenda Bowen and Michael Smith were joined by Ariaine VanBuren, a fellow chorister from their church in NYC who summers in Deer Isle. They entertained Tim Federle earlier in the week. He is a writer and Broadway producer who has also been to the Island before with them. Tim, of course, enjoyed spending time and trading theatre “war stories” with Will Mackenzie and Patsy.

Rolly and Judy entertained Ann and Rick Greenwald, friends of Eric and Drea from Park City, Utah. Ann and Rick honeymooned here 25 years ago and were excited to be back.

Glenn and Cindy McCandless also left the island but their cottage is being used by Glenn’s brother, Keith and his wife celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary as well.

A mass exodus started, as usual, beginning on Aug. 28, with many Islanders closing up their cottages and depleting the parking lot. Remaining guests/residents include two bucks, a doe and three fawns as well as 14 pigeons who have commandeered the boat house as their summer residence.

Betsy and Brad Hastings left the area for travels to a wedding in San Francisco at which Brad officiated at the marriage of his nephew — a welcome change from his last officiating job at a funeral less than two weeks earlier.

For those who have departed, the Island has benefited from much-needed rain. Gardens, both floral and vegetable look wonderful, as always happens this time of year.

So ends yet another summer season on the Isle of Springs with the ferry service ending on Sept. 11. Until next year, as the hymn says, God be with you ‘til we meet again.