Giles Rubbish announces new billing policy

Mon, 04/15/2024 - 3:30pm

An unresolved bill totaling close to $6,000 has led to a new billing policy for Giles Rubbish. Boothbay Region Refuse Disposal District acquired the trash pickup business in 2018. District Manager Steve Lewis reported Giles Rubbish has tried for almost a year to resolve the unpaid balance.

Trustees approved sending a letter April 11 seeking either full payment or a plan to resolve the unpaid balance. But a few days later, Lewis reported progress in getting the unpaid bill resolved. On April 15, Lewis told the Boothbay Register the letter hasn’t been sent, “but I think it’s going to be resolved.” During the April 11 meeting, trustees decided to “shut the customer off” at 90 days past due and consider taking legal action if the bill remained outstanding after 120 days. Trustees also are considering a new policy preventing future outstanding balances. For unpaid bills past 90 days, Giles may discontinue services and take the matter to small claims court for accounts 90 days past due with a $100 or more balance.

The new policy would also require past due customers to provide a credit card number for future service. 

In other action, Virgh of East Boothbay has installed a new phone and IT system for the transfer station and Giles Rubbish. The phone and IT service costs $450 per month.

Lewis also announced a change in payroll service provider occurred sooner than planned. Trustees planned on continuing with Ardiah Services who partnered with ADP, Inc. (Automatic Data Processing) until July. The district gave a 90-day notice last month due to perceived problems with their 19 transfer station and Giles Rubbish employees’ W-2 Forms. Lewis reported the forms included employee non-taxable retirement income with their annual taxable income. Ardiah and ADP were supposed to correct the errors within four to six weeks, said Lewis.

“They told us the W-2s were correct and we’re not going to correct them,” Lewis said. “So, the new company (Payroll Management Services of Auburn) will start next week reviewing 491s (tax forms) to straighten things out.”

Lewis also updated trustees about Giles Rubbish’s new truck delivery. “Payment is due in July. It should be at Heil’s in Hermon in September, and delivered here in October,” he said. Another truck’s condition is also on the trustees’ minds. A recent anti-freeze leak was patched. The district used a sealant as an inexpensive means to keep an older vehicle, a Sterling hook truck, on the road. “It seems to be working and should get us through until September,” Lewis said.

Trustees entered into a new five-year contract with Waste Management of  Norridgewock for accepting construction building debris. In the first year, the district will pay Waste Management $78.16 per ton. Each following year, the rate increases by 5%. 

Trustees meet next at 5 p.m. Thursday, May 9 in the business office.