Wildcat girls head to 2023-2024 Busline League finals undefeated

Thu, 02/08/2024 - 2:45pm

The Boothbay Region Elementary School Lady Wildcats beat South Bristol’s Mariners 70-40 at BRES, the team’s 15th straight win, to win the Busline League South Division title on Feb. 7. The undefeated Wildcats are bound for the final game of their season on Saturday, Feb. 10 against the North Division winner, Lincolnville Lynx, at 9 a.m. at Wiscasset Middle High School.

Wildcat Eleanor Erwin was team high scorer with 30 points. Other scorers for the Wildcats were Xavi Hall, 15; Mariah Smith, 8; Zuri Smith, 8; Arabella Hodgdon, 7; and Lilly Brown, 2. The team was victorious with the strong, unrelenting skills of teammates Addie Barter, Jess Raburn, Ary Gray, Sammy Colby, Lilly Cowing, Olivia Hardwick, Bea Wormwood and Maggie McCarthy.

Wildcat Coach Allison Crocker, when asked about some golden moments, said “I feel like this was the best game we played all year. Our last game we didn’t have the energy we needed and that was the number one goal for this game: to bring the energy. This game we decided we were going to stop their best player, she’s really good and had a great game, but we were able to keep them from scoring. The last time we played them we didn’t have Xavi (Hall), but then she came back and we played with the confidence of being a whole team again.”

The Mariners played a good game, but they could not prevent the Wildcats from controlling the ball. Mariner player Izze Bhe was the team’s high scorer with 31 points. Other scoring Mariners were Autumn Brewer, Brailee Longe and Rose Eraidis. The Mariners scored 13 points in the first half of the game and 27 in the second. The team came back stronger in the second half, but the Wildcats’ strong teamwork on the court was just that: strong. By the end of the first half the Wildcats scored 31 points followed by 39 in the second.

Wildcats not on the court spent their time clapping, calling out, stomping their feet and generally sending out support for the team.

Crocker was happy and excited for her hardworking team. “We have a group of girls who are here to play, we have girls here to cheer on the players, and we have a group of parents who are willing to bring their girls to whatever basketball tournament, practice, game there is. It (the game) takes a lot of energy and these girls have it,” said a happy Crocker post-game.

Crocker has been coaching the 8th grade players on the team for three years now and noted this group of girls don’t just play basketball in season, they play year round.

“All of my girls played a fantastic game, my entire bench was cheering and chanting the whole time! They are an amazing group of girls so I think the whole game was a golden moment,” Crocker said.