“DMR wants to hear directly from stakeholders as we plot a course for the future.”

DMR Aquaculture listening session scheduled for Belfast, Newcastle

Wed, 01/31/2024 - 9:45am

Guided by state law and for the benefit of all Maine people, the Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) administers the Aquaculture Leasing Program. This program was recently reorganized and now falls under the Bureau of Public Health and Aquaculture.

“In light of this change, as well as increased interest in the blue economy, aquaculture in general and growing demands on the program, DMR wants to hear directly from stakeholders as we plot a course for the future,” said DMR, in a news release.

In-person listening sessions will be held at five locations in coastal communities to hear from stakeholders. Each two-hour session is open to the public and will be professionally facilitated by Craig Freshley of Good Group Decisions, in Brunswick.

“These are not traditional public hearings, but rather the sessions are designed to foster understanding of the opportunities and challenges we face and discussion of the best ideas for moving forward with aquaculture in Maine,” said DMR.

In addition to giving input at the sessions, stakeholders are also invited to submit written feedback. A report of all input received, including themes and leading ideas, will be prepared and made available afterwards.

Listening Session Details


A detailed agenda will be posted on the DMR website in the coming weeks.

Please contact DMRPublicHealthDiv@maine.gov or 207-633-9515 with questions.

Please visit the DMR website for notices of biotoxin and bacterial shellfish closures.