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Its Marz's second birthday. Not only will he graduate to 24 brain cells, but his dumb bump will be fully developed.

What's a dumb bump? It has to do with the shape of a Lab's head. The flatter and more boxy it is, the dumber the lab. Specifically, the closer the back of a Labs head is to a 90-degree angle, the dumber the lab.

Coal's Dumb Bump was exactly 90-degrees. Don't get me wrong. Coal was a great dog-- loyal, fun, happy, handsome, fetch-crazy, and water-loving. I loved him so much. But he was as dumb as a knot of wood.

We sent away to get Big Dumb Buddy's Dumb Bump measured by Los Alamos, but the results are classified to this very day.

Marz's developing Dumb Bump puts both Coal and Buddy's to shame. It not only has an 89.73792204-degree angle (as measured by atomic clocks in Geneva), but he developed his way sooner than the other two boys. I'm excited to see how dumb Marz can get!

And Happy Second Birthday Young Boy!!

We love you!

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