Boothbay Harbor man faces felony charges for shooting

Tue, 03/28/2023 - 11:30am

A Boothbay Harbor man is facing three felony charges stemming from a shooting incident on March 19. The Maine State Police Tactical Team and Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office arrested Matthew A. Plummer, 40, after a standoff at the Campbell Creek housing complex. According to the sheriff’s office, witnesses heard gunshots and saw a man with a gun in the complex’s parking lot. The man, later identified as Plummer, returned into an apartment. 

Plummer was charged with three felonies. One Class A offense, aggravated attempted murder, and two Class C offenses, illegal possession of firearms and violating conditions of release. The shooting victim was identified as Thomas Hourihan, 34, of Wiscasset. He was hit by the bullets allegedly fired by the man identified with a gun. Hourihan was treated for 10 gunshot wounds prior to law enforcement arriving at the scene and was later transported to a hospital.   

According to the LCSO report, a witness saw a woman, a man and a child leaving the apartment just prior to the shooting. They were taking separate cars which were all parked in close proximity. The witness saw a man, later identified as Plummer, coming out of the apartment with his hand behind his back. “Almost immediately the witness saw the man fire numerous rounds at Hourihan, (the) woman and (the) child. Police interviews revealed the trio were together and were taking separate vehicles to shop for furniture. Hourihan  dived into the woman’s car. She fled with everyone in the vehicle,” Lincoln County Sheriff’s Detective Randy Chubbuck wrote in an affidavit. “There is probable cause to believe Matthew committed the crimes of aggravated attempted murder and violation of conditions of release.”

Prior to the tactical team’s arrival, the sheriff’s department was joined by Boothbay Harbor Police Department, Maine Warden Service and U.S. Border Patrol who participated in the standoff. 

On March 20, Plummer was arraigned at Lincoln County Court House and charged with three felonies. His bail was set at $100,000 with no third party bail allowed. If Plummer makes bail, he is required to submit to a supervised bail contract, stay away from Houlihan and the woman, and submit to searches of person, residence and vehicle.  The court ordered him to undergo counseling, take his medication as prescribed, and participate in an electronic monitoring program.

Prior to the March 19 shooting, law enforcement responded to four other recent occasions involving Plummer and the unidentified woman at Campbell Creek Complex. According to the sheriff’s office report, on Feb. 13, there was a report of Plummer banging on the woman’s door looking for his ex-girlfriend; a Boothbay Harbor police officer warned him for disorderly conduct.

On March 4, there was a report of a loud noise and banging coming from Plummer’s apartment; she told him to quiet down and he responded with an expletive. A Boothbay Harbor officer spoke to Plummer. The officer reported several items were smashed inside Plummer’s apartment.The officer reported Plummer said “I’m out of my meds and I’m hurting.” A Boothbay Harbor officer called to seek assistance for Plummer.

On March 6, police responded to a call reporting Plummer was banging on her door and yelling, “I’m coming for someone.” 511 spoke with Plummer who said he was having mental issues and was banging on his own door. The woman reported she didn’t know which door he was banging. Plummer was warned for disorderly conduct.

On March 11, there was a report of a disturbance at apartment 19. Boothbay Harbor police were advised Plummer was with persons from the previous night who reported he started acting “demonic.” They all left.

Plummer’s next court appearance is Monday, May 8.