Waterfront Park’s stop work orders rescinded

Fri, 03/17/2023 - 12:30pm

    Geoff Smith, Boothbay Harbor’s code enforcement officer, notified the Boothbay Harbor Waterfront Preservation board on March 10 that three stop work orders regarding East Side Waterfront Park have now been rescinded.

    In a certified letter to the board, Smith wrote, “This notice is being sent to you in reference to the earlier notice to you dated September 6, 2022, concerning violations of the Land Use Code occurring on your site at 65 Atlantic Avenue. That earlier notice imposed three orders to discontinue and stop work. Today I am pleased to inform you that the claimed violations have been resolved, and I hereby rescind and lift the three stop work orders imposed by the earlier notice.”

    Smith also told the board, work in the flood hazard area is still on hold.

    “I remind you that that permit does not authorize any other construction or development in the flood hazard area. When your project requires other construction or development work in that area, I look forward to acting upon your application for another flood hazard permit,” Smith wrote.

    BHWP board president John O'Connell said this week, the notice from Smith will allow the board to do some work on the park when possible, including work on the Hodgdon House.

    “We will be getting our permits lined up, and meet with Geoff and the planning board to move ahead,” said O’Connell.