’Round Town


Wed, 03/15/2023 - 7:30am

    What a beautiful day was Sunday, March 12!

    After a stretch of unpredictable weather which brought us snow, winds and deep freezing, this day was a real gift. It’s the kind of day that helps us look forward to warmer days and more sunlight. And, it was the first day of the new shift to more afternoon light. At 7 o’clock there was still a glow in the western sky. I know we will be seeing more challenging weather before winter officially ends, but this day held promise.

    You’d think that after 40 some years of living here we’d be more accustomed to the erratic nature of weather for this time of year. The weather always struggles during the transition from winter to whatever comes next. There are often surprises and disappointments – it’s how things go in this neck of the woods. But Sunday gave a brief glimpse, a tiny preview of things to come. In the direct sun, I’d bet it got to 60F. Strong stuff that energizes plants, birds and people. The ducks returned to our pond just as the ice finally opened up, but not fully gone. In the past three years they showed up on the 11th, the 20th, and the 26th. In the ballpark this year. Generally their return is consistent with the season’s change. They may be in for a little surprise if the weather forecasters are correct.

    Ocean Point was very busy with dog walkers and walkers in general. Lots of fresh air and sunshine, as my mother used to say. Hard to beat that location for invigorating stimulation.

    We did a little drive around after stacking some firewood for a couple hours. Included in the tour was our old stomping grounds near Little River in East Boothbay. My landing place when arriving in Maine. This is still a special spot, especially the scene shared today at the sharp bend in the road near Treasure Island between Little River and the Damariscotta River.

    This can be a very active spot. On Sunday, an otherwise calm and perfect day, the surf was up. The waters do seem to be particularly active at the mouth of the river and, if you hit the timing right, the tide just so, and a little push from out to sea, the performance can be spellbinding. Not sure my photo captures the total beauty of this very active place, but my mind’s eye did. I am especially fond of the sound that stones make as they tumble back from the shore, with a retreating wave. Not easily recorded with a shutter click.

    I hope the ducks are right. Time will tell.