letter to the editor

Boothbay snow day closures

Mon, 02/27/2023 - 2:30pm

Dear Editor:

Although it seems that snow-caused closures are based on forecasts, not on actual amounts of snow, it  would be an enormous help to have our local TV channel post the closures for the town instead of using the CBS channel’s postings, which most times do not even show a Boothbay listing.

An example from the snow on February 22/23 was that there was not even one mention of Boothbay closures on CBS, yet some of the venues of interest to me were found closed when I drove to them: YMCA,Yoga, Senior Center, Thrift Shop. Is the use of the local TV station possible in the future?

York Fischer


Editor’s note: Organizations are invited to send closures via email to news@boothbayregister.com or news@wiscassetnewspaper.com so we can post them online – at night or in the morning.