Twin bridge tenders honored at retirement party

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 10:00am

Even they had a hard time figuring out who was who.

Twin bridge tenders, Dwight and Duane Lewis, who were honored at a retirement party the afternoon of June 29 at Robinson's Wharf, were looking at pictures of themselves as school kids early on during the party.

“That's you. No, that's me. Wow, even I have a hard time figuring out who's who,” said Dwight Lewis to Duane Lewis.

Family and friends gathered for three hours to celebrate the combined 90 years (45 years each) of service the Lewis twins provided at the Southport bridge. Massive amounts of food was provided, the Holy Mackerels band provided dancing music (Southporter Ramona Gaudette, who is closing in on 90 years by herself, took to the dance floor first) and the Lewis brothers told a few stories about their years tending the swing bridge.

Dwight Lewis told a story about a lady who didn't know the bridge had twin tenders.

“She stopped one day and told me that I probably didn't have much of a married life, having to work day and night on the bridge. She handed me a bag with breakfast, lunch and dinner inside. I explained to her that in the morning, you see this (Dwight with his eyeglasses on), and in the evening, you see this (Dwight with his eyeglasses off, years prior to Duane getting eyeglasses). I have a twin brother who works here, too.' Well, she wasn't too happy and said, 'If I knew that, I would've thrown this bag at you!' and she drove off quickly. I never saw her again!”

Friend and Newagen resident Nancy Harriman presented the Lewis brothers with matching “Southport Maine” T-shirts, and other gifts and salutations were presented to the friendly duo.

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