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Andrea Peters: “Painting From the Heart’

Sat, 08/27/2022 - 10:00am

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31 Townsend Avenue
Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538
United States

    East Boothbay artist Andrea Peters has been with Gleason Fine Art for more than two decades. Each year she dazzles us with her passion for paint--her yellows sizzle, her reds pop, and her blues are breath-taking. This summer's show, "Painting from the Heart," runs from now through Sept. 20, is no exception.

    Peters' bold, brushy landscapes in oil mark her as one of Maine's most recognizable artists. "Oils, I love them," exclaims Peters. "They have such flow. I can capture my energy or the energy of the place, the very spirit of the place, with oils."

    The world Andrea Peters paints is right outside her Little River, East Boothbay, home--salty inlets, mossy ledges, towering spruces, and lush flower and vegetable gardens. Andrea is Italian by heritage so tomatoes and basil are in abundance. But she also loves flowers, so the tomatoes have to compete with tulips, daylilies, and lupine.

    Andrea's backyard is a quintessentially Maine landscape, where the keen-eyed Peters see more in a glance than many of us would see in a lifetime. Look at a Peters spruce tree and really see one for the first time--dark, rugged, and wild. Or marvel at a drift of yellow daylilies and white daisies spilling over mauve ledges. Arts reviewer Phil Isaacson, who was a great admirer of Peters, wrote: "Peters' Maine coast wriggles with color. Hues pile up in layers. Her style is gestural, spontaneous, and that quality builds a visual tempo. The Maine coast has become the center of visual energy."

    Painting is an evolutionary process for Peters. She forces herself to look afresh at the same view and closely observe each day's tiny, incremental changes. Her paintings are a tribute to her imagination and skilled hands, a perfect expression of one artist's delight in everything around her.

    "Andrea Peters: Painting from the Heart" runs from now through Tuesday, September 20. Friends, family, and fellow artists are invited to a reception for Andrea on First Friday, September 2, from 5 to 7 pm. To view Andrea's show, click on Gleason Fine Art's website:

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