Lazy Jack is back

Mon, 08/15/2022 - 11:00am

    One of Boothbay’s oldest windjammers, Lazy Jack, is back in the harbor! After a long winter on the dry, the schooner has had a massive refit including a full rebuild of the forward deck, as well as new planking on the forward section of the haul. Lazy Jack hosts two new crew members who come all the way from New Zealand. Captain Inki and Jessi arrived at the beginning of June and were handed the stoic task of putting her back together. The spars were in one yard and the vessel herself in the other. After spending two, long months refurbishing her exterior, through diverse projects such as varnishing the gaffs, spars, and hatches, painting the cabins and revitalising the worn aft deck, she was ready to be splashed.

    Captain Inki has been voyaging upon the high seas since the early 2000s, when he discovered a passion for sailing. This was due to a life-altering choice of accepting a wild offer to cross the South Pacific on a vessel he had not yet seen with a crew he had not yet met. Sometime later, he enticed his adventurous first mate (and now wife) Jessi to join him upon the waters. In 2015 where they spent a season on separate yachts in the Caribbean, and a couple years later sailed a circuit between New Zealand, the Kingdom of Tonga and the Fiji Islands. They have since made a life as tour guides through both the mountains and the sea, where they inspire a sense of wonder by sharing a bit of paradise with others.

    Built in 1947 in Ipswich, Massachusetts, Lazy Jack has been in the hands of many a passionate sailor. Thankfully due to the drive and passion of her previous owner, she has been operating in Boothbay Harbor for over 20-years. Lazy Jack now works in tandem with her sister ship, the Schooner Eastwind (built by local legends, Herb and Doris Smith). Though she is late to the season, Lazy Jack is operating in the harbor through September, carrying up to 14-passengers on two-hour charters; with up to four sailings per day. It is perfect traditional sailing vessel for an intimate tour, or private charter, to experience a taste of coastal Maine.