letter to the editor

Public water access in Edgecomb

Thu, 05/12/2022 - 9:00am

Dear Editor:

The Edgecomb Waterfront Committee questions the “need” for public water access as proposed in the recent Letter to the Editor. In addition to the capital price of purchasing the Shore Road property, the costs of rebuilding the pier, ramp and float, developing parking and picnic areas, portable toilets, electricity, garbage removal, liability insurance, electricity, signage, lighting, annual maintenance, and the loss of tax revenue would increase the property taxes for everyone in Edgecomb forever.

No one in Edgecomb lives more than 5 miles away from multiple free boat ramps and kayak access provided by our neighboring towns. We have free use of seven preserves including Oven’s Mouth, Dodge Point and Cross River abutting our three rivers. We are all encouraged to use Fort Edgecomb, which includes parking, bathrooms, picnic tables for 30 and lawn care service all for free. So, from our perspective, the perceived “need” is unwarranted.

Until it can be guaranteed that the cost of public water access in Edgecomb will not raise our taxes to cover these costs, the Edgecomb Waterfront Committee is 100% against the idea of the purchase. The residents of the town of Edgecomb cannot afford what we do not “need.”

We, therefore, encourage the residents of Edgecomb to vote yes on Article #28 on May 21 to have the boat excise tax go to fully fund the Edgecomb Waterfront Committee and that money not go to the Woods End fund.

Corning Townsend

Edgecomb Harbormaster