Nautical Nutrition joins chamber

Thu, 07/22/2021 - 11:30am

Health-based shake and tea shop Nautical Nutrition at 43 Oak St. is the latest addition to the Boothbay Harbor Region Chamber of Commerce roster. Owner Kourtnee Langlais and mother-in-law and business partner Laurie Dickinson cut the ribbon with the Chamber July 20.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Langlois. “We've had a lot of community support and now we couldn't be happier … The hardest part I think was everyone knew we were doing it and it was just delay after delay really without an opening day.”

Langlois and Dickinson appeared before the planning board in January for the shop’s approval and, after months of delays, the shop opened over a week before the ribbon-cutting. In previous months, Langlois crafted and delivered her shakes and teas out of her home as an Herbalife-registered satellite club.

The shakes and teas are from Herbalife, a brand known for its healthy meal replacements and energizing drinks, Langlois said. An Herbalife consumer for over three years, Langlois said she knew she wanted to open a shop to sell the product over two years ago after she saw incredible results. “I'm not trying to be someone's health coach or anything like that, and I'm not one to push products on people, but it's a different atmosphere for the community that we don't have.”

With 20 protein shakes and 24 energizing teas dominating the large chalkboard menu in front of the entrance, Langlois said there is something for everybody, but the menu is not the limit. She can control the amount of caffeine and the sweetness of the drink and, unless in dire circumstances, Langlois said she favors fresh fruit over artificial flavors. “If you've been to any nutrition club and you have a drink you like, we can make it. We try to get all of the flavor profiles across the menu.”

Nautical Nutrition is supporting Action for Animals with proceeds from its “Puppy Chow” shake, and Boothbay Region High and Elementary schools with proceeds from signature shakes “Seahawk” and “Wildcat,” said Dickinson, Alternative Organizational Structure (AOS) 98’s food service director. “I was born here, I've been here my whole life and I've been in the school system for 16 years, so they're all my kids and we want to help them while we can.”

Langlois said she is not sure yet what percentage of proceeds will go towards the organizations, but will make the contributions every six months.

Langlois plans for the shop to be open year-round. Hours are likely to change in the less busy months, she said. Online ordering and pickup will soon be available, she said.