Sir Casey Castaway a catch for local couple

Wed, 07/08/2020 - 8:15am

    Windjammer Days hasn’t been canceled for everyone this year. In a few weeks, Eric Gimbel and girlfriend Robin Cox will greet their new puppy Sir Casey Castaway at the Boothbay Harbor town dock. The dog will arrive on the tall ship Lynx.

    Gimbel’s father Mark, a point-person for everything windjammer, was the first to learn about the black lab-bulldog mix from his friend Don Peacock, captain of the Lynx. Peacock and his crew were busy rigging the ship in Brunswick, Georgia for their journey to Boothbay Harbor when they were approached by two girls asking if they would bring the girls’ puppy to a shelter because the girls could not take care of it.

    “So, Don calls me asking for Virginia’s (Pearson) number, a mutual friend who runs a rescue service down there in Brunswick, Georgia,” said Mark. “She's literally in the same town where the marina is, where the Lynx is. She goes over to get the dog and the crew's already bonded in like a couple of hours. Virginia takes the dog home and she took a video of him playing with her foster dogs.”

    Gimbel said Peacock asked Pearson to leave the dog with Lynx's crew until it was adopted instead of staying at Grateful Goldens of the Low Country. In the meantime, Mark remembered Eric and Robin were looking for a puppy. “They were looking to get a dog, so I showed them pictures and the story. Eric immediately fell in love with the dog.”

    When Gimbel told Pearson they wanted to rescue Casey, she offered to drive the dog from Georgia to Boothbay Harbor. But Peacock had a better idea.

    “While she was over hanging out with Don one day, he goes 'Why don't we take him to Boothbay Harbor on the Lynx?'”

    Gimbel said after the Peacock and the crew learned they would be taking the puppy to the Harbor via windjammer, the crew asked if they could name him. Mark said Eric and Robin said, “Why not?”

    The Lynx was originally slated to land in the Harbor July 4 and stay a few nights at the town dock, but because the ship is old, rigging is proving more difficult, so Casey and the crew will arrive around July 28.

    “They're all excited. When they get on the water the whole crew will be watching out for him. Everyone who's following this is saying how it's such a great story and would make such a great children's book. It probably will happen.”

    Pearson made sure Casey got his first round of shots and he will receive the second round once he lands in the Harbor. Mark said Pearson and Grateful Goldens are amazing. That is how he came by his dog, Lucy, a golden retriever-American Eskimo mix. It’s like everything was meant to be, said Mark.

    “With all the stuff going on right now, it's nice to have a feel-good story. This cool little dog gets to have a great life and it all started with these two girls just dropping the dog off and asking the crew to take it to the shelter. That's the story of Sir Casey Castaway.”