’Round Town


Wed, 11/13/2019 - 8:15am

Things are much quieter now on Monhegan Island. The summer tourists have all packed up and headed back from whence they came. The island dust is settling and the pace of life brings everyone back to earth as winter sets in and residents huddle up. It’s a long winter on the Island and the extended family community pulls together.

My first winter experience on the island was way back when “Trap Day” was January first. I caught the Laura B with Jimmy Barstow out of Port Clyde for one of the most hair-raising boat rides I've ever experienced. For a flat lander from the hills of central Pennsylvania, the biggest waves on my radar occurred in the bathtub! Not much sea running back there, maybe a few small rollers.

I stayed with Doug and Harry Odom in what I figured might be tight quarters. A cot in the unheated attic Airbnb wasn't what I expected. I did bring groceries though from a substantial shopping list suggested by the boys. I slept with all my clothes on for four days.

But groceries brings me to the subject of today's adventure with Lady Lisa Brackett, proprietor of L. Brackett and Son. This is where the rubber meets the road, all year long on Monhegan. In the summer, it’s a mad house, especially when the now five boats hit the island.

I landed at the store one morning when a pickup full of supplies arrived to restock the shelves. I pitched in but didn't really get to visit with Lisa much. She was kitchen bound with her island famous doughnuts and prepping for the day tripper crunch. It gets pretty frantic in there about lunch time.

Lisa is related to and/or knows something about anyone who ever lived or worked on the island. I believe she has actually done substantial research, re: island history and goings on. Her information is substantial. Although she has not lived all her life on Monhegan, I believe a big part of her never left, even as she worked other places like New Orleans.

In the long run, I think that there is something unique about island people. There needs to be.