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Marinated swordfish kabobs

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 7:30am

I just can’t say enough about the beautiful weather we have been blessed with. I hope all the hardworking people on this small piece of paradise are able to get out and enjoy a little of it.

Coming from a gig on Squirrel Island Saturday night, I saw my first lighted boat parade … wow, what a treat! Well done everyone who participated in it … such a treat for all of us. Thank you to all the people who made it possible.

So, I’m hoping people are enjoying my traveling tuna columns. It’s been awesome. A big shout-out thus far to Brady’s and Robinson’s Wharf. I’m not done yet. Hmm? Where will I go next?

This week I made swordfish kabobs ... omg, yummy. Fresh swordfish, of course, from Pinkham’s. It was delicious. First, the marinade: any one bottle of Italian salad dressing to start. I added fresh mint, fresh basil, pepper, and my secret half cup of maple syrup. I always make my marinade in a freezer bag. How much swordfish? One big thick piece should do it – a pound and a half. I clean it up, take the skin off, and cut it into chunks. I marinated mine overnight, 12 hours. I drained my fish, added a tomato and fresh pineapple. Please make it your own – lots of times I add onions right in with my fish, or peppers, summer squash, zucchini, etc. This time of year, fresh veggies are abundant, mix it up and fire up your grill, ’cause it’s grilling season.

Hope everyone stays safe. The town is booming. Look both ways while going through our only stoplights in town. Why? Twice last week I witnessed two cars going through red lights, and going fast enough to do some real damage … scary to watch; I held my breath. Thank goodness no one was hurt. Please, just slow down and take it all in. We want everyone to be safe and able to go back home as a full unit.

Next week more delicious traveling tuna coming your way.