The Bayville Buzz: Jellyfish, new benches and more

Tue, 07/09/2019 - 2:30pm

Like a finely tuned lobster roll, the 109th BIA meeting started with the bang of a coffee cup. Yes that’s right - a coffee cup. It seems a certain someone left the gavel at home. The gavel has great significance as it was hand carved from the first tree felled in the clearing of Bayville Road and had been used at every meeting since. Hopefully, it will make a return for next year’s proceedings.

Alina Blakesley, our resident dancer, dog trainer, massage therapist, Bayville Buzz back-up writer and swimmer extraordinaire, shared the news that she and Robert had just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. No details were forthcoming, but more importantly, she warned everyone to be on the lookout for the red, stinging jellyfish while swimming. It seems the jellyfish have found our waters to be as delightful as we do. I just hope they don't share that news with the sharks. When Alina informed the group that white vinegar will reduce the pain from a sting, there was a large sigh of relief from those who had heard of a less dignified remedy.

As was reported, there is a new bench at the playground thanks to an anonymous donation. Now adults can be more comfortable while watching the kids have fun. There was also an anonymous donation for a new bench at the tennis court. That operation did not go as expected and Benchgate could bring this administration down. Stay tuned.

Sewer guy Dave Merrill had the unpleasant task of reporting that water bills for those on the community sewer will increase roughly 50% as a result of the DEP requiring the system be run year round. Obviously, the most cost effective solution is to reduce water usage, so all the new fountains constructed as part of the Beautify Bayville campaign have been shut off.

Speaking of beautify, thanks to Nancy Coleman for the flowers at the post office and Bill Allison for those at the community house. More flower news. A committee has been formed to put a plan together for some possible enhancements to our Friendship Garden. Ideas range from a herb garden for farm to table ingredients that would be used at the Bayville Bistro, to some small changes. Let's hope their results are more productive than those of any committees working in D.C.

The other big news that came out of the BIA meeting is the upcoming schedule of events. Due to overwhelming demand, the Bayville Waterfront Festival --- and all it entails --- has been moved to July --- July 27th to be exact. Please make sure to sign up ASAP at the post office as to how many people in your cottage will be on hand to participate or watch so the organizers can make sure to have plenty of food, water balloons, etc. on hand. The competition begins at 9 a.m. with pickleball. Mark Spencer and John Merrill will look to hoist their paddles for the second straight year.

At the same time, our younger competitors will be running through the village trying to complete this year’s scavenger hunt. After rest and hydration, the games continue at the town dock at 1 p.m. Matt Frascella looks to defend his crown as Ruler of the Sea. All competitors and spectators will be rewarded with delicious treats (including the famous Bayville Blues) during the Ice Cream Social. T-shirts for the event will be getting made soon. Don't miss out on your opportunity to have what is sure to be a collector’s item. For those of you who weren't at the meeting, there will be a final time to place your order. Look for details in next week's Buzz.

The always entertaining and informative BVC meeting will take place Aug. 3 and 9 a.m. The Lobster Bake --- always a summer highlight --- will be that evening.

The Swim to Cabbage is penciled in for either Sept. 14 or 15, depending on conditions. Kayakers are always needed to help keep track of those in the water.

Celebrating our great nation’s independence in Bayville is always special and this year was certainly no exception.The Boothbay Region Community Band members were again amazing to give their time and musical talents to make our parade possible. Thank you, thank you to all of you for your wonderful music! The most touching tune was "Abide With Me.” done in memory of Susan Scannon, Jean Stover and Joy Collins, Then everyone (except the vegans and vegetarians) enjoyed a fantastic cookout, all sponsored by Mark Spencer. Mark literally had to fly of town before the cookout, but the Merrills and their crew, as always, had everything covered perfectly. By the way, Mark’s plans for the Bayville Airport are posted at the post office.

Now as if all this wasn't enough, there's more! Awhile back, Al Roberts became inspired by one of the talent shows on TV and has been scouring the country ever since, looking for the next big act. Well, he finally found them and he brought them to Bayville. Newlyweds Tim and Hosanna Noble and they played an inspiring patriotic medley of songs, including a sing-a-long of "God Bless America" while we enjoyed the food. Look for their bus as they tour the country. Tim plays keyboards and Hosanna is on the fiddle and they are amazing. There's more, but I need to save some news for next week. Feel free to send yours to

On a final note, please remember to look out for swimmers and to always proceed slowly anytime you are near the town dock or float. Thank you!