’Round Town


Wed, 07/10/2019 - 7:15am

If you crossed a chipmunk with a squirrel would the new critter be called a Chipirrel or a Squirmunk? Not sure why it was necessary to share that.

Joe Gelarden is an old friend. Not that he is old and a friend, but that we have known each other for some time. A while back, when he felt a desire to get back in the newspaper ring, he gave me a call. He had just taken a job at the Coastal Journal in Bath and was looking for some different ways to entertain the reading public. Sort of like my squirrel and chipmunk idea — not sure why he called me.

Over the phone Joe said, “How about a photo with a little write up?” I had never entertained the idea and was reluctant. “Just every now and then,” Joe said, “when the spirit moves you.” It made me nervous, but I thanked him for keeping me in the Rolodex, and said that I would think about it. I tried my first submission, an old aerial photograph of Popham Beach, or maybe it was Reid State Park. I don’t recall exactly. Joe didn’t rave about it but he didn’t give me the hook either.

When Joe moved to the Register, he asked me to continue my little dog and pony show, and I have. But Joe’s a writer and I’m really just a slightly off center tilt-a-whirl, subject to change without notice.

A few weeks ago Joe called me again. He doesn’t call often, nor should he. He said he was going to interview a woman over on Back Narrows who had a whole hillside of rhododendron and he thought it might be a nice opportunity for a photo. Aha! Pay back, resulting in this week’s image of ace cub reporter Robert Joseph Gelarden on the job interviewing Dr. Wolf, a hugely accomplished individual about whom Joe wrote in last week’s paper. It was fun to see him in action, with his notepad clutched behind his back, listening, as I asked all sorts of dumb questions (reactions noted in above photo).

So Joe, we’re not even, but we are still friends. Aren’t we? Maybe we could collaborate on a story about my squirrel and chipmunk idea as long as I don’t have to come up with a photo of the end product.