letter to the editor

Are the GOP claims, they can’t win, accurate?

Mon, 06/10/2019 - 4:00pm

Dear Editor:

Some of the strangest statements by the GOP have been made in the last two years. For example the GOP can’t win in an RCV election. In short they can’t win 50% of voters needed not only to win, but be successful. When did the GOP lose faith in what they could accomplish? My husband is a Republican and you have just told him you are unable to win votes needed to get the job done. Why should he, or any other voter, bother if that is what the GOP is saying?

Some statements have been the use of registered Democrats versus the registered Republicans. I have heard that this data in any state precludes the GOP from winning. Really? What then are you doing to win elections, “cheating?” Then stop! There is no win by cheating that is valid in anyone’s book. We know that from our early days in school. Stop gerrymandering, it is a fake voter distribution game. Stop voter suppression, there is no win there either. Our country is strong by the number of citizens who vote, not by the number you stop from voting. Suppression weakens who we are and leaves a bad odor that smells like a dictatorship.

Senate leader, Mitch McConnell, is denying the right to vote to 99 elected senators. Elected senators represent the electorate of 50 states and McConnell only represents one state, Kentucky. If senator McConnell exerts his Kentucky views by denying 49 states their right to vote, it means 49 states are without representation.

McConnell’s denial to vote is physically keeping 100 elected senators from representing the very electorate that voted for them. Elected senators are sworn to represent the electorate through the state’s right to vote. How does that compute for a democracy? No elected senate leader should have the power to deny their elected colleagues the right to vote on any bill presented for consideration. I see senate leaders as having the power to coordinate flows of discussions until senate members representing all 50 states call for a vote. Leaders should not stop any elected state representatives from doing their federal job.

Jarryl Larson