BRES Field Day: Fun for all

Wed, 06/05/2019 - 4:00pm

Field Day was a success at Boothbay Region Elementary School. The annual end of the school year event was split into two days this year, with grades five through eight partaking on Thursday, May 30, while kindergarten through fourth graders had their field day on Friday, May 31.

The grades 5-8 field day was organized by teachers Tim Rice and Sarah Gordon. The festivities began with the singing of “Happy Birthday” for BRES Principal Mark Tess. The students then split by grade and took part in a relay. Each grade put their shoes in a pile, then lined up on the other end of the gym. Each grade would race down to put their shoes on. The fifth graders won. Then came games and activities such as floor hockey, volleyball, face-painting and more.

Kindergarten through fourth grade was organized and run by physical education teacher Lauren Brown. Brown has run the field day for years. Students took part in a variety of activities such as face-painting, obstacle courses, kite relay, pizza box relay and more.

Both days were fortunately fair weathered. It was fun for all.