letter to the editor

Feed the birds

Fri, 05/17/2019 - 7:15pm

Dear Editor:

Probably, we’ve never met. But, we might have brushed one another in the produce section at Hannaford’s, totally engrossed in our separate scratched out shopping lists. Lemons, lettuce, yogurt, coffee …

So, let me ask a favor of you, my shopping list friend. When you arrive at the Pet Food section, pick up a bag of wild bird seed, or a few of those suet packs covered with seed. When you get home, share your bird seed purchase with our precious feathered friends. They will reward you with a lovely song and a show of vivid color when they return again and again to visit and partake! Open you heart and your eyes to these sweet creatures that never complain, never ask anything of you, never plead for help over the long, challenging Maine winter months Isn’t this worth a few bird seeds scattered here and there?

I find that people who feed the birds are usually kinder, softer, gentler folk. Do you feed the birds?

Pat Young

East Boothbay