It was Mrs. Peacock in the lounge ...

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 2:30pm

... With the revolver ... and not because it’s the name of her favorite Beatles album ... Hey, doesn’t everyone come up with back stories? Maybe not, but “Clue” continues to be among the 10 top-selling board games of all time, and why shouldn’t it? It involves creativity, stimulates the analytical side of the most fanciful of folk, and it’s fun to be a sleuth. Although poor Mr. Boody always gets it ... in the beginning ...

If you enjoy playing that board game and seeing the film version you’l be able to add “saw the play version” to your list of  Clue experiences.

Director Mary Miller and cast – Nataleigh Blackman (Miss Scarlett), Tim Norton (Professor Plum), Caitlin Tuttle (White), Marissa Davison (Col. Mustard), Brady Harmon (Mr. Boody); Emily Echols (Mr. Green); Journey Bennett (Yvette, the maid), and alumnus Garrett Carter (Wadsworth) and the director herself as Mrs. Peacock – have been rehearsing for about five weeks. 

Rehearsing the events of that dark and stormy night at Boddy Manor ... But, what’s the back story on these rather eccentric characters who’ve come to dine? Tim says Plum is egotistical yet insecure and misunderstood by the opposite sex. Hmph. Really?

Nataleigh says Scarlett is mysterious, witty and likes to make crude jokes, but why? What could have happened to her? Nataleigh, “She’s a woman who’s ... gone astray in her decisions. Maybe she’s the way she is because of her occupation in Washington D.C. Scarlett is a fun character to play.”

Journey says Yvette is this meek little French maid – at first. “But then you find out she’s been conspiring with ...” 

Emily is Mr. Green, but who is he, really? A cop? A secret agent? A (gulp) private investigator? Was he really invited to this dinner party? 

As the rehearsing continues, Paulette Carter is building the set (now that “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is over) and costuming the characters as she works. “It’s all up here,” Paulette says as she points to her head, laughing.

“It’s a fairly small cast and I thought it would be really fun to do,” Miller said.  “And we are using the junior high drama club to help as extras. Each character is fun for the kids to do. Just remember: This is the high school version!” 

The 90-minute high school play based on the movie based on the board game Clue opens for two shows on Friday, May 17 at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, May 18 at 6 p.m. in the Boothbay Region High School auditorium. 

There’ll be a 10-minute intermission. Theater goers can buy cupcakes and other goodies to support future productions. If you feel like dressing like your favorite character ... go for it ... you might even get other audience members thinking it’s a ... clue!