From the editor

Three things

Wed, 01/09/2019 - 8:45am

I am impressed – so far – with Governor Janet Mills. First of all, it feels good to type in a woman's name after the word "governor." It's about time. Secondly, her inauguration was a pleasure to watch (thank you MPBN), with a large crowd enjoying the variety of speakers, music and more. Lastly, she is going right to work – volunteering at the Good Shepherd Food Bank on the Statewide Day of Service on Saturday and ordering some solar panels for the Blaine House as a way of showing her commitment to alternative sources of energy. Welcome, Gov. Mills.


Keeping my fingers crossed that Tom Brady and crew will not show up rusty from an extra week off when they host the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday. (Hard to get used to writing that after their many years in San Diego.) The Patriots have defeated several playoff teams but they also lost to four teams that didn't make the playoffs this season. Nonetheless, Patriot Nation (yours included) will be cheering loudly in anticipation of them moving on to another AFC Championship game – and hopefully, another Super Bowl.


Nice to see some "nice" letters to the editor this week. Congratulations to Brady's for getting off to a good start. Thank you, Corey Tibbetts, for providing a great service and keeping people safe on New Year's Eve. And, please read Liz Lussier's letter and help local organizations raise money through Hannaford's CLYNK bottle redemption program.