Southport Yacht Club holds 45th Arts and Crafts Sale

Mon, 08/13/2018 - 8:30am

The Southport Yacht Club held its 45th annual Arts and Crafts Fair on Saturday, Aug. 11 and Sunday, Aug. 12.

Manager Leal Brinegar said she was the third head of business in the sale's history. “I have been doing it for at least 20 years,” she said.

According to Brinegar, artists and craftsmen donate 20 percent of their sales to support scholarships for the Junior Sailing Foundation and maintenance of the sailboats.

“I have been knitting for years,” said Janet Duchaine. She uses alpaca wool for knitted hats and gloves. She recently designed and fabricated a line of young girls' summer dresses.

Sale attendees Jane and Perry Nies said they first bought a house on the island 53 year ago.

“Southport is still a magical place,” said Jane Nies.

In the art section, Adrienne Chandler of Southport and New York City showed her photographs printed on sheets of metal. She said the metal gives the photographic image a glowing look. She said her son, Solomon, has been in the sailing program for four years.

Gail Marson and friend Luanne Webb exhibited beaded glass sculptures.

Watercolor artist and children’s book illustrator Normand Chartier showed his paintings and samples of his 75 children's books. “I have been coming to Maine since I was a little guy,” said Chartier.