Y Arts: ‘Take Me Back to Summer’

Sat, 04/17/2021 - 1:15pm

Twenty members of the Boothbay Region Y Arts Music Theatre Workshop performed three shows of the play, "Take Me Back to Summer" for invited parents, grandparents and guests at the YMCA Annex Friday afternoon, April 16.

Adapted from Wade Bradford's royalty-free play, "Back to the Summer," and directed by Emily Mirabile, the Y's Arts and Humanities director, the fast moving, 10-scene story is about kids mistakenly being transported through time via a time machine and trying to get back home to enjoy the rest of summer before the start of school.

The kids travel back to the 1980s, Egypt in 2550 B.C., New York City in 1899, a pirate ship circa 1720, the Wild West in 1860, Hollywood in 1934, to 2072 and finally back home. Music from the 1980s (and other eras) and dance are highlights of the play.

Performers included Laura Tomasello, Sarah Harris, Franz Finn, Lina Minzner, Finn Sullivan, Anna Tomasello, Zea Arbuckle, Lucy Browne, Samantha Colby, Scout Martin, Jessie Ullo, Kayla Watts, Sophia Koplau, Sophia Mansfield, Sophia Michaud, Jojo Shea, Ian Michaud, Nicholas Colby, Anderson Pierpan and Hamilton Pierpan.