From the assistant editor

Why we didn’t

Wed, 06/19/2024 - 9:00am

Covering Wiscasset’s June 11 school committee meeting, I heard a resident noting Eugene Stover’s death. The speaker told the committee he thought Wiscasset Newspaper would have reported it, but that it didn’t. 

I did not chime in to explain, because, unless we have a question, we tend not to do that in meetings. Better to be the fly on the wall. A meeting involves that board or committee, the town’s residents and the businesses or others who go before it with requests or comments, as the resident did that night. 

So here now, instead of then, is the explanation: We heard weeks ago that Stover had died, and right then I started to go through our online files to write an editorial on some of his contributions to the town, in his work in the schools and beyond, because Stover was a local icon, as evidenced by the high school gym’s being named Stover Auditorium after him. 

Stover’s name and his significance are among the most recognized in Wiscasset. His words carried weight, because he knew what he was talking about, from his experience serving, and dedication to, Wiscasset. 

So we would have reported his death, with the obituary and any new reflections we gathered plus our files. But we did not receive an obituary and did not go forward at the time without it. I think it was both out of respect for the family and for lack of formal, attributable confirmation. As of press time this week, we had not received an obituary. But in a recent selectmen’s meeting, Chair Sarah Whitfield noted Stover’s death as well as his decades of teaching and the board seats he had held. So we reported those words of Whitfield’s, a couple of newspapers ago.

Sometimes we hear about something as soon as or before our readers; other times, you are the ones who let us know of whatever it is and we can consider putting someone on it. So if you are ever wondering about this or that news or rumor, or wondering why we haven’t reported it, email us at or or call 633-4620 and follow the prompts. For Wiscasset area news, please use that email address or call or text 844-4633.

Week’s positive parting thoughts: Wiscasset early this week shared on its Facebook page, has named Wiscasset one of Maine’s most charming towns. Cool, and true. And speaking of cool, please be checking, and our Facebook pages this week for any announcements we receive on cooling centers that open in the predicted high heat.