Where It’s At ... Lobster boat races!

Posted:  Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 12:00pm

There’s something very exciting about the sound of engines revving up and the sight of a wake being kicked up and the scent of salt in the air … add lobstermen and you’ve got yourself the makings for a great time!

While watching our local and visiting lobster boats in race mode, I have often found myself daydreaming about those days spent wave-hopping … Riding through the wake stirred up by one of the large, commercial boats … the exhilaration that overtakes you as you speed over to the wake … the fleeting moment when you’re lifted up in the air – and then the landing!

Showered with that delicious salt spray … sigh. Big sigh.

Oh! So, remember “Smokey and The Bandit,” the first one? When Burt and Sally have jumped the Mulberry Bridge in that boss Trans Am? Sally is experiencing both the exhilaration of the action – and the fact that they’re both still alive – anyway, she’s all excited and says “We did it, we did it! I want to jump something else! I want to jump a house!” That’s kind of how I’d feel wave-hopping … go as fast as you can and … wheeeehaaaaa … then on to the next!

Thrilling is what it is! Was. You know how it is; as the decades roll on, it’s probably not advisable to give yourself over to that particular form of complete abandon …

Waking from my reverie, I have to say that watching lobster boat racing is exciting stuff – whether you’re watching it from land – McKown Point Road, West Boothbay Harbor at the Maine State Aquarium, Brown’s Wharf deck – or on the water – at a safe distance from the race course!

There are usually 35-40 boats entered in the first races of the season and back several years, the races in Boothbay Harbor could draw 50 or more! I understand the Stonington races have drawn almost 100 boats!

But, no matter how many boats there are, it’s an exciting, traditional event like no other. A lot of folks still follow the circuit – attending and/or participating in all of the races each season.

Races begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday, June 16. Oh, and from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, June 15, there’s dancing, dining and such at Boothbay Lobster Wharf.

The second race will be Sunday, June 17 in Rockland. For more on the 2018 Lobster Boat Races, visit www.facebook.com/Fans-of-Maine-Lobster-Boat-Racing

Check out this clip, shot in 2012 by John Edward at https://youtu.be/sYLJVpngQdY and “Jumping Mulberry Bridge”at https://youtu.be/OYlBy85zxdo