Press release

A Wellness Wagon is coming to town … and to the Harbor Theater and the Boothbay Region Y

May 16-18
Tue, 05/07/2019 - 8:00am

The BRYMCA is proud to announce nationally recognized health and wellness educators and presenters, Bruce and Mindy Mylrea, coming to Boothbay, next week. The couple have been traveling the country in an RV called the Wellness Wagon, to share current health and wellness information.

As the Y's Healthy Living Coordinator, I trained with this couple at numerous fitness conventions. Mindy and Bruce are often voted the favorite trainers at these conventions … because they are the best! Now, we are so lucky that they're coming to Boothbay. They arrive next week. Look for their RV, with pictures of healthy fruits and vegetables, parked in the Y lot.

On Thursday, May 16 at 4 p.m., a Y sponsored free presentation will be held at the Harbor Theater, called “One Hour to Wellness!” I've heard this presentation with this dynamic and interesting duo -- and it’s well worth an hour of anyone's time. How can "One Hour" help? Bruce and Mindy Mylrea will present a jam-packed overview of the latest and greatest, science based research, appropriate for any age, on how nutrition, reducing stress, and maintaining a balance between work and life, have been proven to prevent or reduce the risk of chronic disease leading to a healthier, happier life.

The Y is “all about” the health of our community, including Evidence Based Health Initiatives (EBHI's), such as Livestrong for cancer survivors, the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) and more! We know, however, that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging. Armed with the latest research in behavioral change and nutrition, Bruce and Mindy suggest simple strategies and nutritional tips to help you overcome negative habits and transition to a healthier lifestyle.

As the Y's Livestrong instructor, I first heard Mindy and Bruce speak on “Diet for Cancer Prevention and Survival.” Bruce, a cancer survivor himself, was led to the study of nutrition with his diagnosis. If you're a cancer survivor or have a heart condition, other health issues or just want to feel your best, in general, the "One Hour to Wellness" is for you! Why not learn all you can about your health? ... and there will be healthy snacks, too!

On Friday, May 17, Mindy will lead a Scwinn Indoor Cycling Certification Training at the Y. On Saturday, May 18, Mindy and Bruce will offer a day long training called “One Day to Wellness.” Both the Cycling and the One Day to Wellness are geared to instructors and personal trainers, but would also be enjoyable and helpful for anyone interested in cycling or their own personal health.

If interested, you can call or email Abby Jones at the BRYMCA (633-2855 or The Y has a “code” to reduce costs for Friday’s or Saturday's programs. The Harbor Theater presentation is free and open to all ages.

Bruce and Mindy Mylrea and their Wellness Wagon will be at the BRYMCA all next weekend for a Weekend of Wellness! Check it out and check out their website