letter to the editor

We deserve to know

Mon, 07/01/2019 - 3:30pm

Dear Editor:

I am a parent and alumni of the Boothbay Region school system and I am stunned as well as a lot of the community to the complete disregard for Tricia Campbell not being chosen for the principal position at BRES.  Tricia has more love, pride and respect for the elementary school than I have ever seen, besides Mark Tess. When she believes in something, she sees it through, has anyone seen the new playground equipment for Pre-K -2nd grade? And how about the new equipment coming in for 3-8 with every aspect of the ages considered? By the way, that's all Tricia! I have worked closely with Tricia through the PTO and she has so much passion for this school and community, it's energetic and she has kids who are involved in every aspect of their school as well.

I don't understand why she was passed over; the excuse that "it's confidential" is ridiculous and inexcusable for those of us who have kids going to this school. We deserve to know! Why wasn't Tricia promoted to principal and a new assistant principal brought in? Perhaps the new candidate has the qualifications but she is not from this community, she has not worked in this community, she does not know each and every one of the kids that go to this school, she doesn't have kids enrolled in the school system and honestly has no connection to this region.  

I would like to know why the parents and administrators didn't have a say beforehand. This whole thing seems like a travesty and I would like to call on everyone with a voice in this school system, in this community to speak up, write letters, and show your support for Tricia Campbell who is the true and only candidate for BRES principal!

Jennifer Field