letter to the editor

Voting for Chloe Maxmin

Mon, 10/05/2020 - 5:30pm

    Dear Editor:

    Do you know who Chloe Maxmin is? Let me tell you who she is! Chloe now serves in the Maine State House osf Representatives and is running against Dana Dow for Senate District 13. 

    In the beginning of this pandemic Chloe and 200 volunteers called over 3,000 older  Maine residents to make sure their needs were being met. I know, I was one of them. She has been named Legislator of the year by Maine council on aging 2020. And that is just one of many groups that are endorsing her.

    Chloe has respect for everyone no matter who you are. One of the most important things to her is working with all political parties.

    Some of the things she supports is access to broadband for everyone. There are lots of people without internet and unable to work from home during this pandemic. Chloe also will work to provide better transportation for our more rural communities.

    One of the most important issues to me is affordable health care for everyone which Chloe supports. When I hear it is too costly, I feel that they think money is more important than human beings. Remember the major insurance companies are for profit companies.

    In the early days of this pandemic, Senator Dow compared the coronavirus to AIDS. I, as an ordinary citizen, knew that this virus is spread much easier than AIDS. That concerned me that, as a sitting Senator, he didn't take the time to make sure he knew the facts before he spoke.

    I am voting for Chloe Maxmin because I think she will do a lot for all of us. Check her website out! You will be amazed. I was.

    Sandy Besecker

    Westport Island