letter to the editor

Vote no on fluoride referendum

Tue, 10/18/2022 - 10:45am

Dear Editor:

On Election Day we will vote on whether to continue fluoridating our public water supply.  I will be voting “no.” While I understand fluoride prevents tooth decay, I want it out of our water.  Here’s why:

It has been shown fluoride is most effective at preventing tooth decay when applied topically—as in most toothpaste. Yet, the American Dental Association (ADA) and other large institutions (AMA, WHO, and CDC) continue to recommend broad uses of fluoride, including bluntly adding it to water. These national and global organizations have generalized and precautious perspectives, they don’t focus on small communities with distinct circumstances.

Unlike bigger towns and cities, many households in our region have wells, these children receive none of the fluoride added to municipal water. Meanwhile, infants who are fed formula made with town water are at risk of having more fluoride than intended. When ingested, there are indications fluoride settles in bones or other parts of our bodies causing health problems, especially in the elderly.

We have the opportunity to do what works best for our own community – as a whole and individually. Many of us don’t want to ingest fluoride. We want to be able to choose how and when we use it.  

I believe teaching our youth to care for their teeth and overall health are important lifelong skills – resources are in place in our schools and elsewhere locally. We can do more to promote healthy habits while keeping needless chemicals out of our water.

Please vote “no.”

Stevie Hale

Boothbay Harbor