letter to the editor

Vote Mills

Mon, 09/12/2022 - 3:00pm

    Dear Editor:

    Make a plan now to vote early, in person or by mail, on or before Nov. 8. Our outstanding governor, Janet Mills, needs your support.

    Why? As a teacher for many years, I champion her commitment to education. She is the first governor in Maine history to fully fund the state’s obligation to public education from kindergarten through grade 12. She also supports universal pre-K coverage and has created a budget that will put it within reach.

    What’s more, in the face of Republican resistance, she succeeded in getting two years of Community College tuition covered in the budget and signed into law. That means that our young people can earn an associate degree without bankrupting their families or their futures. Those who excel can then go on to find financial aid to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

    Janet learned the importance of a teacher’s contributions well firsthand, having a mother who taught in the public schools. She saw to it that teachers now earn a minimum starting salary of $40.000. Bravo! Before, teachers were often forced to move to states which paid a living wage.

    Gov. Mills can be counted on to ensure that all Maine’s students have what they need to reach their potential.

    Vote Mills!

    Ruth Monsell