Letter to the Editor

Vote for Bill Maloney

Mon, 05/16/2022 - 9:00am

Dear Editor:

At Selectboard meetings throughout the past year, there were a number of discussions relating to expenditures which left me concerned with the effect on our property taxes. It is always difficult to strike a balance between providing the necessary services and minimizing property taxes. Many of our residents are on fixed incomes and are having difficulty dealing with inflation.

Bill Maloney brings to the Selectboard his years of experience on the Wiscasset Budget Committee. His years on the budget committee, provided him with a working knowledge of the details of the necessary expenditures as well as the town's financial obligations. Bill's attention to our needs versus wants will bring both fiscal responsibility and fiscal conservatism to Wiscasset.

Vote for Bill Maloney for the Wiscasset Selectboard.

Edward J. Polewarczyk